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Giesse is a brand that breaks new ground in fittings for aluminum windows and doors. Technical innovation and extremely high quality are at the heart of the company's daily work. Giesse is focused on achieving complete customer satisfaction, from design and production to providing our customers with a reliable partner every step of the way.

Giesse was founded in 1965 near Bologna, Italy, in Villanova di Castenaso. The main activity of the company was and remains the production of fittings for aluminum windows and doors. The production of windows and doors from aluminum profiles in those years became more and more popular and in demand. The need for fittings and accessories also grew.
In 1968, Giesse received a patent for Cortina window handles, production developed, new production facilities were required, and a few years later, in 1974, the company moved to the Budrio (Bologna) area, where it is located to this day. day.

Giesse has evolved over the decades. In 1974, our own paint production appeared, in 1991 the first production branch outside of Italy was launched in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Giesse is constantly developing new hardware systems for aluminum windows. In 2003, the production of fittings for tilt-and-turn windows was launched. The ever-increasing demands of the market led Giesse to design and launch special hinges and fittings for C.H.I.C. concealed windows in 2015.

Since 2016, a new integration process has begun between Giesse and Schlegel, which specializes in the production of seals for windows and doors. In 2018, the integration process was completed, a new brand was created - SchlegelGiesse. The group also includes two more companies from Italy - Reguitti and Jatec which, like Giesse, have their own production facilities

The SchlegelGiesse group of companies achieved new economic indicators as a result of integration:

  • Over 130 million euros in annual turnover
  • 8 manufacturing plants
  • More than 800 employees
  • More than 100 offices worldwide
  • Over 150 registered patents
Giesse products include several thousand items, the main product groups are fittings and accessories for tilt-and-turn windows, fittings and accessories for windows with side opening, accessories for sliding windows, accessories for aluminum doors, fittings for windows with external opening

Windows automation is also produced under the Giesse brand. Window automation is a system solution for automating the process of opening/closing window structures. The role of actuators is performed by special mechanisms - electric drives. Electric drives for windows are innovative devices, equipped with microprocessor control, stroke control, motor protection. Some models have built-in radio control. Depending on the design of the actuator, electric drives for windows are divided into chain, rack and rod.
All Giesse products are certified in accordance with international and national standards, including in Russia

Giesse S.p.A.

Giesse creates the most innovative hardware for your aluminium windows. Quality, Innovation and Design are our company's strong points, the cornerstones that have always certified the design, manufacture and distribution of our products worldwide.


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