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Reversible cremone handle for actioning Giesse mechanisms.

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Technical Features

With the Unica Cremone it is possible to have the same stylish operation on

casements for Inward Opening, Outward Opening and Tilt-and-Turn Window


The Unica cremone, supplied right-handed, has a fixing C/C distance of 104


Available both with two-way and one-way mechanism, with handle positioning

notches at 0°, 90° and 180° and in the APEX version.

The Unica Apex Cremone can be fitted on shutter profiles or with outward

opening and does not require using the internal connection kit.

The Apex system, patented by Giesse, is easily and quickly mounted on the

sash profile after doing the appropriate machining.

The possible range of the telescopic slider is from 16 mm to 35 mm.

The pins to be used to transfer the motion from the cremone sliders to the rod

depend on the specific geometry of the profile and must be chosen from the

available Giesse ones.


Handle in painted die-cast aluminium

Case in paint-finished die-cast zamak

Steel spring

Zinc plated steel screw

Shim in Hostaform

Rotor, racks and sliders in die-cast zamak.

Art. 01154001

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