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Why aluminum windows are the smart choice

Due to the various benefits they offer, aluminum windows have become one of the most popular window options in the world. They are economical, strong and durable, combining functionality and versatility with a sleek, modern design. Aluminum windows are a very durable and economical solution for both residential and commercial buildings. They are virtually maintenance free and can last a lifetime, do not rust, and even have a high corrosion protection threshold.

Aluminum windows are available in standard sizes but can also be made in custom sizes and styles to suit your specific requirements. They are available in a variety of finishes to match your style. The most popular options are either a natural anodized finish (silver) or our standard powder coat colors of white, bronze, charcoal (dark grey), black and the new silver. Plus, in large enough quantities, you can powder coat your door frames in just about any color imaginable to suit your style!

It's also good to know that your aluminum window frames can be fitted with different types of service panes. This includes security and safety glass, aesthetic glass, acoustic glass, fire-resistant glass, and bulletproof glass. They can also be double glazed for greater energy efficiency, better acoustics and many other benefits that bring comfort and safety to your home. When it comes to different styles, you can choose from a range of fixed double glazing (non-opening) windows, casement windows, sliding windows and slide-out windows. Now let's take a closer look at each type and their unique features...

casement windows

Casement windows are also called projection windows or casement windows. Casement refers to the opening sections, which lean back from the outer frame of the window. Casement windows can have two forms: side and top. The sashes of the upper suspended windows are attached to the top of the outer frame and open upwards. While with side windows, the sashes open to the left or right. Aluminum Projected Casement Hinged Window

The beauty of casement windows is that their design allows for optimal control of wind, rain and ventilation to a precise degree. They are especially useful when installed on the weather-facing side of a building because they keep rain out and allow you to control the amount of wind coming in.

You can open them just a little to allow air to circulate, or you can open them all the way up to ninety degrees. When it rains, you can open them at the right angle to let in the breeze, but not the rain. This type of window is ideal if you want to use cross ventilation to cool your home.

Casement windows can be up to 2.4m wide and up to 1.8m high. Their maximum sash dimensions can be 600mm wide and 1200mm high. Also, you can connect these windows with side or overhead lights (explained below). They serve well in rooms like your home office, living room, bedroom and kitchen.

sliding windows

Sliding windows have an unobtrusive design, especially in cases where the space does not allow the sashes to protrude outward. Horizontal sliding windows come in 2, 3 or 4 glazing, depending on the width of the window. Aluminum Sliding Windows These are available in a range of standard sizes, up to 3m in width, and up to 1.5m in height, but larger custom sizes are also possible. There are also several different sliding window systems we offer, some with thin profiles and others with bulkier profiles, so you can choose the system that works best for your building. Sliding windows can easily fit next to other fixtures such as fixed windows, sliding doors or folding doors. These windows can also be connected to side or overhead lights.

Fixed glazing..

Remember that there are areas of your home that may not need a real opening window. These areas may just be perfect for letting in the light or taking in stunning views. You can have fixed windows installed anywhere on the outside of your home where there is a view or natural surroundings. It immediately adds a modern aesthetic to your home. You can also install large fixed glass windows for interior partitions between rooms. Thus, you can significantly brighten up the interior spaces of your home. Fixed glass windows can be paired with various windows or a glass door, a solution that could be perfect for your porch or pool area.

Top and side lights

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