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Opening system for Jalousie casements featuring a fixed frame on which are mounted cremone adjustable slats.
Jalousie windows are ideal for verandas, terraces and other places where the user wishes to be able to ventilate the interior without opening the window.

Technical Features
The system consists of a set of accessories that combined together enable
operating the adjustable slats.

The window slats can be in aluminium or glass, depending on the application.
Up to 6 can be moved with the cremone. For casements with more than 6 slats
you need to use 2 cremones.

Components of the system (in the case of 6 slats):

  • UNICA Cremone (1 pc)
  • Cam (12 pcs)
  • Slat container ( 6 pcs)
  • Pack screw (12 pcs)
  • Transmission pin (12 pcs)

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